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Terms and Conditions

As soon as you contact us, our team will help you complete the subscription and registration process by filling out the questionnaire with the required information. Your program will be developed and sent to you within 7 business days if all information needed is filled in correctly otherwise it could lead to a delay in receiving your program.

Please enter accurate data in the questionnaire so that your program is developed optimally in order to achieve the desired goals.

Your data will be collected every 4 weeks by filling out another questionnaire (monthly form) to monitor your monthly progress. This questionnaire is sent by our team after completing the subscription process as it is carefully analyzed by Coach Samouy to add necessary program updates after completion of the first program that you receive, otherwise, your next program will not be developed.

The subscriber’s program according to his/her subscription will include a:
1- Nutrition and supplements Plan (in nutritional plan subscription)
2- Workout Plan (according to the subscribed package)
3- Performance enhancing cycles (according to the subscribed package)
4 -A full program includes all of the above, please make sure to clear up with our agents the elements of your package.

After receiving your Customized program, you can communicate and follow up with C.Sam’s customer service team via WhatsApp via the number +201201245777

for inquiries and suggestions related to your program and subscription.

In case of any change is requested within the sent program, an additional fee of $65 will be paid to modify or change the program, Because the program is designed based on the data sent by the client in addition to C.Sam’s vision as the trainee’s personal trainer, And any changes that are requested after receiving the programs is the responsibility of Client.▪ In case the trainee requests to add a detailed plan to use performance enhancing cycle to support and accelerate the results with a minimum age of 21, And if the trainee is less than 21 years old, a proven medical report that requires the addition of a cycle will be needed, otherwise the trainee acknowledges that the performance-enhancing plan is under his own responsibility. please contact the sales team by WhatsApp via the number +201030567039 or +201093043865 to know all the details, knowing that it is taken completely under the member’s responsibility and discretion.

Coach Sam’s correspondence and follow-ups are active all weekdays except on Fridays and Saturdays, Communication is only via WhatsApp and e-mail.

For complaints and suggestions: Please contact the customer service team through WhatsApp via the number+201201245777 or via e-mail:

It is completely not allowed to publish any offensive or inappropriate messages on social media that may harm the trainee or Sam Samouy. Failure to comply with this condition leads to the cancellation of the subscription.

The participant shall abide by the rules and notes of each program in which he is enrolled in order to ensure that the desired results are reached. Any breach of these conditions shall be considered a breach by the participant that may impede reaching the goals sought by their program.

Subscriber should abide by the period or the duration subscribed for.

The date of receiving the first program is the date of subscription.

The subscriber has the right to freeze their subscription immediately after registration or during the follow-up for any reason, By contacting the Customer service team to inform and specify the needed freezing period with a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days.

The subscriber has the right to request for an exceptional freeze even after using the allowed freezing period in his subscription, In case of any sudden documented issue that prevents the subscriber from starting or follow-up his subscription with C.Sam, by sending reports and documents to the customer service team to reach the maximum period that can be exceptionally frozen by submitting a request to the administration and verifying approval or Rejection according to the submitted reports and the period required to be frozen.

The subscriber can submit a refund request (and this applies to the weekly follow-up subscription only), in general for the following conditions:

− Full commitment to the plans sent by C. Sam and sticking to the follow-up terms and steps without achieving any noticeable results, taking into consideration the variation in results among the different trainees in the same period of time.

− The presence of diseases documented in the medical reports sent and mentioned with the trainee’s data for each follow-up that is sent has led to a negative impact on the trainee’s results, Despite making sure that they are mentioned by the C. Sam and taking into consideration during the entire training period.

− 35% of the total amount paid is deducted, calculated from taxes and administrative expenses, according to the terms and conditions.